Auger Torque Trencher 2

The Auger Torque Trencher has the reliability and power to ensure trenching is carried out with ease. The chains are available in different configurations, whether you are trenching in soft ground or mixed ground. With the precision depth control skid, the operator can accurately set the desired trench depth.

  • 3 different tooth configurations, suitable for dry, soft, medium or hard earth asphalt
  • 6 different trenchers all with 3 pre-set depths
  • Variety of cutting widths available

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Auger Torque Trencher 2 (MT1200, XHD1200, XHD1500)

Available from RAM Equipment, the Auger Torque Trencher 2 is ideal for digging larger trenches than our smaller Auger Torque range whilst neatly piling soil to the side of the trench.

The Auger Torque Trencher is ideal for skid steers, mini loaders, backhoes and excavators up to 10 tonne.

Highly reliable, the Auger Torque Trencher 2 features a high-quality hydraulic motor allowing oil flow rates between 55-135LPM depending on the model (MT1200, XHD1200, XHD1500). Chains are also available in a number of different tooth configurations for trenching in soft ground, mixed grounds and even permafrost allowing you to get the job done quickly.

Another great feature to make the job easier is the precision depth control skid which enables the operator to set the machine at up to three different trench depths.

Once level with the ground the trencher will be cutting at the optimal cutting angle whilst maintaining the correct depth. Pulling the trench is as easy as creeping the machine in reverse at a steady pace. Even inexperienced operators will find working with this attachment a breeze.


About Auger

Established in Europe in 1998, Auger Torque has created a new market-leading standard in Earth Drills and Trenching Attachments. New and innovative products are designed to provide unrivalled reliability and cost-effective performance.




Carrier Weight: 3 – 5 tonne
Oil Flow Range: 55 – 95 Lpm
Cutting Width Range: 100 – 200 mm
Cutting Depth Range: 900, 1050, 1200 mm


Carrier Weight: 5 – 8 tonne
Oil Flow Range: 70 – 115 Lpm
Cutting Width Range: 150 – 300 mm
Cutting Depth Range: 750, 1000, 1200 mm


Carrier Weight: 5 – 10 tonne
Oil Flow Range: 80 – 135 Lpm
Cutting Width Range: 150 – 200 mm
Cutting Depth Range: 1000, 1250, 1500 mm

Auger Torque
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