Digga Trenchers (Bigfoot XD Range 4.5 - 8 Tonne)

The Digga XD Bigfoot trencher range is suitable for machines up to 8 tonne and is ideal for pipe laying for irrigation, underground power, & communications, road repairs, general construction.

  • Head Start Crumber System
  •  Highly visible foot can be seen from the cab. No spotter required
  • Adjustable skid foot features 4 preset digging depths
  • Up to 1500mm digging depth and 300mm digging width
  • 3 different chain options - Earth, Combo, and Diggatac
  • Compact, yet powerful Australian Made planetary drive
  • Frame can be side shifted to dig close to permanent structures

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Digga XD Bigfoot trencher

$7,260.00 - $9,042.00

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Digga XD Bigfoot Trencher

The Digga XD Bigfoot Trencher features an adjustable depth skid foot, allowing you to control optimum ground clearance for the spoil auger. It comes with three preset depths ange between 450-1200mm for standard flow machines, and 600-1500mm for high flow machines.

In addition, the super heavy duty spring ensure the crumber stays engaged with the bottom of the trench for maximum spoil removal from start to finish. This allows you to start trenching with the crumber bard on the ground – no need to get out of your machine to drop the crumber to its working position!

What’s more the skid foot can be seen from the cab, allowing you to see the trencher is in its corrects position. Digga’s new foot design also feeds overburden back onto the chain, transferring it to the spoil auger for a cleaner and clearer work side of the trench.

You can be guaranteed of quality and superior performance with our Anti-back Flex design. It prevents the chain links from flexing back in tough soil conditions.

Available in a number of different tooth configurations for trenching in soft ground, mixed grounds and even permafrost so you can get the job done no matter what environment you are in

Chains for all ground conditions
  • EARTH – Best used in soft ground like earth and clay
  • COMBINATION – Best used in dry, hard or medium ground conditions
  • TUNGSTEN – Best used in hard or frozen ground conditions and asphalt

Looking for something smaller? Consider the Digga Bigfoot Trencher range suitable for skidsteers up to 4.5 Tonne.





Bigfoot XD 900mm

Cutting depth: up to 900mm
Cutting width: 150/200/250/300mm
Foot depth presets: 450/600/750/900
Flow range (LPM): 60 – 115
Max pressure: 240 Bar @ 60 lpm
Max Flow: 95 lpm @ 200 bar
Max continuous power: 25 Kw (34hp)
Length (mm): 2,225
Horizontal height (mm): 777
Width (mm): 1,212
Weight (kg): 338

Bigfoot XD 1200mm

Cutting depth: up to 1200mm
Cutting width: 150/200/250/300mm
Foot depth presets: 600/800/1000/1200
Flow range (LPM): 60 – 115
Max pressure: 240 Bar @ 60 lpm
Max Flow: 95 lpm @ 200 bar
Max continuous power: 25 Kw (34hp)
Length (mm): 2,532
Horizontal height (mm): 777
Width (mm): 1,212
Weight (kg): 405

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