Simex Crusher Bucket Attachments

Available from RAM Equipment, the crusher bucket attachment is ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste.

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The crusher bucket attachment is designed to reduce the volume of aggregates on site. Manufactured by Simex, the crusher bucket attachment features a rotor system enabling it to crush iron, rock, earth, deformable parts, wet and humid material.

Additionally, with its lightweight structure, it won’t transmit vibrations to the excavator or operator, ensuring a safe, comfortable operation. It also features low noise output and a wide mouth bucket for easy loading.

The rotor system features teeth driven by hydraulic piston motors which drive directly. This provides exceptional cutting force to crush any type of material. What’s more, eliminate downtime thanks to a valve that permits continuous rotor rotation. This means the operator does not need to intervene.

Furthermore, this crusher bucket enhances protection and working life because of its large anti-wear surface on the teeth. Lastly, the drum design and wide mouth ensure operating speed and efficiency.

About Simex

Simex is a provider of innovative attachments for earthmoving machines, providing solutions to the most complex application challenges. Simex products are designed and engineered to be exceptionally durable and high-performing.

Key features:

  • Simple, quick teeth replacement
  • Exceptional Breaking Force
  • Minimum vibrations transmitted
  • Rotor system with teeth driven by hydraulic piston motors in a direct
  • drive for high cutting force.
  • Crushable materials: bricks, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates,
  • concrete, glass, titles, and asphalt slabs.

About RAMRADE Attachments

RAMRADE Attachments is a world-class supplier of high-quality attachments to suit excavators, skid steers and other earthmoving equipment.

We work with suppliers like Simex to provide the best attachments for any application.

So if you are in the need to crush reinforced concrete or other demolition material, RAMRADE Attachments has the solution. Contact us and experience the RAM Difference today.

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Additional information



Excavator weight(1,2): 8 – 12 Tonne
Outlet width: 1050 mm
Total width: 1250 mm
Bucket capacity (SAE): 720 m3
Screening area: 0.40 m2
Shaft travel: 5 mm
Number screening shafts: 80 n0
Operating weight(3): 880 Kg
Required oil flow: 80 – 160 l/min
Required oil pressure: 350-230 BAR


Excavator weight(1,2): 10 – 18 Tonne
Outlet width: 1250 mm
Total width: 1485 mm
Bucket capacity (SAE): 735 m3
Screening area: 0.60 m2
Shaft travel: 5 mm
Number screening shafts: 958
Operating weight(3): 1320 Kg
Required oil flow: 100 – 190 l/min
Required oil pressure: 350-230 BAR


Excavator weight(1,2): 16 – 25 Tonne
Outlet width: 1500 mm
Total width: 1700 mm
Bucket capacity (SAE): 915 m3
Screening area: 0.80 m2
Shaft travel: 6 mm
Number screening shafts: 125
Operating weight(3): 2170 Kg
Required oil flow: 150 – 250 l/min
Required oil pressure: 350-230 BAR


Excavator weight (1,2): 24 – 10 Tonne
Outlet width: 1710 mm
Total width: 1960 mm
Bucket capacity (SAE): 960 m3
Screening area: 1.00 m2
Shaft travel: 7 mm
Number screening shafts: 152
Operating weight(3): 2900 Kg
Required oil flow: 200 – 350 l/min
Required oil pressure: 350-230 BAR


Excavator weight(1,2): 38 – 55 Tonne
Outlet width: 2200 mm
Total width: 2440 mm
Bucket capacity (SAE): 1290 m3
Screening area: 1.80 m2
Shaft travel: 10 mm
Number screening shafts: 190
Operating weight(3): 4640 Kg
Required oil flow: 300 – 550 l/min
Required oil pressure: 350-230 BAR

(1) (2)

(1) The maximum operating load permitted for the excavator, when added to the weight of the standard bucket, must match or exceed the weight of the crusher bucket at full load.
(2) User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator’s specifications and weight requirements.


3) Without mounting bracket.


Machine Type

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