Simex Vibrating Compactor Wheel

Available from RAM Equipment, the simex vibrating compactor wheel is ideal for compacting trench beds.

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Ideal for compacting trench beds, the Simex Vibrating Compactor Wheel guarantees a permanently firm, even and well-compacted bed, ensuring maximum road safety.

The compactor wheel features a reverse-rotation vibrating twin shaft positioned at the center of the wheel. This limits vibrations transmitted to the machine. Also, vertical forces are added up and horizontal forces are countered for increased operator comfort.

What’s more, the Simex Vibrating Compactor Wheel width can be adjusted via bolted sectors that are easy to change on-site.

About Simex

Simex  is a provider of innovative attachments for earthmoving machines, providing solutions to the most complex application challenges. Simex products are made and engineered to be exceptionally durable and high-performing.

Key features:

  • Extremely precise and versatile
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Easily adjustable wheel
  • Reverse-rotation vibrating twin shaft
  • Easily replaceable sectors for quick adjustment

About RAMRADE Attachments

RAMRADE Attachments is a world-class supplier of high-quality attachments to suit excavators, skid steers and other earthmoving equipment.

We work with suppliers like Simex to provide the best attachments for any application.

So if you are starting on your next project and need to prepare the site, RAMRADE Attachments has the solution. Contact us and experience the RAM Difference today.

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Additional information


Standard Wheel

Width of Bolted Sectors: 200 – 250 – 300 – 3250 – 400 mm
Working Depth: 0 – 700 mm

Special Wheel

Wheel Widths (1): 50 – 100 – 150 mm
Working Depths: 0 – 350 mm
Vibration Frequency: 30 – 40 Hz
Max. Vertical Force: 42 kN
Hydrostatic Side Shift: 1100 mm (CT 2.8 F.0)
Hydraulic Transerve Tilt: 18 degrees (CT 2.8 F.0)
Operating Weight (2): 710 – 770 kg (CT 2.8 Standard), 910 – 970 kg (CT 2.8 F.O)
Required Oil Flow: 40 – 50 l/m (CT 2.8 Standard), 50 – 70 l/m (CT 2.8 F.O)
Required Oil Pressure: 150 – 220 BAR (CT 2.8 Standard), 150 – 220 BAR (CT 2.8 F.O)


Widths different from those indicated are available on request.


User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator\'s specifications and weight requirements.

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