How to Improve Worksite Safety 2022

Improve Worksite Safety 2022

Due to the recent number of thefts in the last couple of months, we have decided to look at a number of ways to improve the safety of your worksite. Breaking it down into two main categories: Protecting people and Protecting onsite assets.

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Protecting People

The single most effective way to avoid incompetent mistakes onsite is to train all your employees and verify that they can comply with regulatory laws.

Slippery surfaces are a substantial hazard when it comes to work sites. The ground is almost never flat, riddled with rubble, curbs and ramps for worksite operations. Best practice is to use high visibility signage. Whether its hi-vis tape on the ground or head height signage, the best part about warning people is that they can read when they need to!

Falling objects tend to be the main reason for injuries on/near worksites. For example, a construction site in the city has to deal with pedestrians making their daily commutes as well as their own employees. For pedestrians in close proximity, extra safety measures must be taken to ensure that there is overhead protection like scaffolding.

Machines under operation are another dangerous aspect about working onsite. Not all machines offer impeccable visibility so we need to ensure the proper PPE is worn and  most importantly, that operators can clearly see you. Keeping a clear line of sight with the operator will help them identify that you are within their working vicinity. It is a team effort to keep everyone safe onsite!

Protecting Assets

Amongst the recent number of threats to machinery and tools left on worksites overnight, there are a few precautionary measures businesses can take.
Lighting, fencing, and signage are usually the first measure of defence against theft onsite. Fencing the perimeter of the worksite with signage keeps most people out. In many cases 24hr surveillance can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary; so keeping machinery out of direct sight or in view of a street camera nearby will help. If you’re looking to step up security measures, you may want to consider the next options.
Security surveillance, GPS and geofencing are the latest in technology to keep your assets safe while onsite overnight or during holidays. Cameras generally provide a visual and audio feedback for peace of mind when offsite. The ‘targeted’ areas are usually poorly lit facilities or those with no security measures at all. 
With numerous types of security surveillance systems, it is best to research what option is best suited to your site. Weatherproof security cameras start from $47 (UL Tech System) and end up as much as $2,950 (Hikvision Solar System). Remember that with the cheaper options, you’ll have to buy a connector box or find an alternative to connect the surveillance system to Wi-Fi. High end cameras generally run on solar power with a 4G connection which is perfect for the harsh Australian environment. 

If your site is substantially large, then consider hiring a night guard. There are a number of security businesses available in Adelaide like Titanium Security, MSS Security, and AMS Security to name a few. In this case, usually a combination of more than one option would provide the best security for your site.

For peace of mind, all of our machines are fitted with GPS systems with a select few that operate with Geofencing. Dry hire from us today and experience the RAM difference!

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