How to Optimize Excavator Attachment Speed

Optimizing Excavator Attachment Speeds

Attachment Speed

We all know that excavator attachments are expensive, but did you know they can be costly in other ways too?

When the attachment speed is set incorrectly for your excavator’s capabilities, it can lead to inefficient use of fuel and time. This blog post will walk you through two solutions on how to optimise your attachment speed.

Suppose you’re interested in the details of how different factors affect excavator attachment speed. In that case, this blog post is for you.

It’s no surprise that the speed at which a hitch or attachment operates can affect the overall performance.
When the attachments run slower than preferred, these components come up short on efficiency somehow.

Two basic principles affect how fast equipment can attach:  
“Flow” refers to how hard a pump will push a liquid, like hydraulic oil.
Whereas “Pressure” is the resistance encountered when a fluid flows through a pipe.

For instance, if the same pump provides the same flow rate through an 18mm pipe and a 12mm pipe. The 12mm pipe would result in a higher pressure output.

The amount of oil supplied affects the speed at which you can tilt or turn the attachment.
So if more fluid is flowing through than what’s coming out, things will go much smoother!

This affects how much work a particular attachment can perform, increasing as you supply more flow with a higher-quality fluid.

However, poor speed can be caused by a variety of factors. If you are having trouble with your attachment, check there is nothing wrong with the way it’s installed.

If everything else seems in order, we would foremost adjust hydraulic settings and check the pipes.

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