Dynapac Roller (2.5T)

The Dynapac Roller 2.5 tonne double drum vibratory roller is designed for compaction on city streets where size and noise matter most. This roller has an engine which is quieter than ever.

  • Silent water cooled diesel engine
  • Fail safe brakes on both drums
  • Rotating beacon
  • 3 sprinkler nozzles
  • Large opening for easy filling of water tank

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Dynapac Roller

Note: pricing includes GST and a 1% environmental levy
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Dynapac Roller cc1200

By moving the water tank of the Dynapac roller to the rear part of the machine, we have managed to develop a machine with a unique design with a cross-mounted engine in combination with excellent visibility over the drums. The robust engine hood is designed for optimal view over the front drum. The optional sliding seat of 210 mm in combination with the engine hood design gives the operator the best sliding possibilities and visibility on the market.


A mechanical adjustable off-set function is available on the new machines. By adjusting the rear frame to the left by long-holes you will get an off-set of the front drum up to 50 mm. Off-setting the front drum makes it easier to compact close to walls and curbs without risk of damages of the machine. The drums have tapered drum edges giving the compaction result a smooth surface without marks. The increased drum diameter makes sure the asphalt is not shovelling in front of the drum creating transversal cracks.

All Dynapac Rollers include efficient eccentrics guaranteeing optimum powerful performance in the vibration start-up process. The machine features high frequency compaction with the possibility to choose between dual frequencies depending on different conditions and applications. An optional front right mounted edge presser/edge cutter is available as well as an optional rear mounted chip spreader. The edge cutter and chip spreader are maneuverer with buttons in the F/R lever. The machine models are also available in a combi-version with 4 static rubber wheels at the rear.


The water system is one of the most important systems on an asphalt roller. The design of the pressurized sprinkler system facilitates a smooth and reliable compaction with maximum uptime. The rollers are equipped with a sprinkler system with easy accessible sprinkler pump and filter (above the rear drum) and sprinkler bars including 3 sprinkler nozzles on each drum. Automatic Water Control (AWC) is standard on all machines. A 3-stage filtration system ensures clean water and prevents clogged sprinkler nozzles. The sprinkler timer helps the operator in saving water by adjusting the sprinkler intervals which means reduced downtime for water-refilling. The water tank’s volume is as much as 205 litres/54 gal. All this together means less down-time for the operator.


Designing the new dynamic Dynapac roller with the operator in mind has resulted in a comfortable and modern operators’ environment. The spacious and vibration damped operator platform
enables good operator comfort even during long working days and thereby also increase the quality of the job done. A new optimal comfort seat is available with weight adjustment, armrests and optional seat-heating. The forward and reverse lever is following the optional sliding seat for even better ergonomics and better control. An optional dual forward and reverse lever enables even better ergonomics and control over the compaction process with our Dynapac rollers. The new instrument-panel with keypad buttons and a display showing the most important functions facilitate the driver to operate the roller in a controlled way. A small storage box under the seat, a 12 v outlet on operator platform, as well as a cup/can holder on the operator platform facilitates drivers comfort.


Interlock is standard on all machines ensuring no accidental starting. The Dynapac roller failsafe brakes applies automatically if needed. The separate parking brake switch on the instrument panel helps preventing accidental activating. The operator platform is lowered making it easy to enter the machine, this in combination with an ergonomic footstep and sturdy handgrips makes the machine safe to enter.


Sustainability is one of Dynapac’s cornerstones. Having sustainability and working environment in mind under the developing process resulted in the latest emission reduction technology to fulfil the worldwide emission regulations. The Dynamic rollers range is powered by durable, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engines which reach unbeatable performance with maximum up-time.


The design of the machines contribute to great serviceability. Easy accessible daily service-points and contribution to great serviceability have also been a target in the design work. The result is a machine with very good serviceability. The engine hood is large and possible to fully open almost 90 degrees for full accessibility. The engine is cross-mounted for optimal serviceability. The major daily service-points under the hood are on one side. All hydraulic hoses on the Dynapac rollers are easy accessible. It is easy to reach sprinkler nozzles, water-pump and filter for the watering system. The sprinkler pump and filter are easy accessible behind a cover above the rear drum.


Dimensions & Weight

Overall Length: 2,395 mm
Overall Height: 2,640 mm
Overall Width: 1,200 mm
Drum Width: 1,200 mm
Operating Weight: 2,600 kg

Approximate Fuel Consumption


Transport Method

Tilt Tray

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