FAE Rotary Drum Cutter

Tested in the most challenging environments, these fixed-tooth hydraulic rock-crushing machines are capable of cutting through hard rock quickly and efficiently. They are widely used in road construction, underground utility work, tunnelling, trenching, mining, quarrying, the oil & gas industry, and more.

  • Hydraulic system with onboard fillers
  • Hydraulic piston motor with direct drive to the drums
  • Safety cover that protects the motor
  • Longer life of the motor shaft as it does not support the weight of the drums

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FAE Rotary Drum Cutter

The FAE Rotary Drum Cutter attachment is ideal for trenching hard materials and profiling. Use the rock cutter to resurface rock and cement walls, quarrying, demolitions and dredging. Typical applications range from trenching jobs to concrete profiling; from quarrying to underwater dredging; from foundations work to tunnelling.

Manufactured by FAE the Rotary Drum Cutter provides quiet operation so it can work near residential areas such as hospitals, schools, bridges, and infrastructure. High-productivity combined with minimal noise and vibrations, make RC series a must-have rock grinding attachment for various applications.

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About FAE

FAE is globally recognised in the design, and manufacturing of leading-edge vegetation control, rock crushing and soil stabilization attachments. Thanks to high qualitative standards, FAE products provide excellent performances even in the most difficult and severe conditions. What’s more, achieve low maintenance costs, due to the use of special materials and in particular to the use of specific designed and patented cutting tools.




RC 25

Excavator Weight: 2.5 – 7 Tonne
Power: 30 – 50 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 45 -80 LPM
Pressure Bar: 150 – 350
Working Width: 565 mm
Weight: 300 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 380 mm
Height without bracket: 770 mm
Teeth quantity: 22 + 22

RC 45

Excavator Weight: 6 – 14 Tonne
Power: 50 – 100 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 65 -120 LPM
Pressure Bar: 180 – 350
Working Width: 625 mm
Weight: 470 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 450 mm
Height without bracket: 900 mm
Teeth quantity: 26 + 26

RC 65

Excavator Weight: 9 – 16 Tonne
Power: 65 – 120 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 90 -150 LPM
Pressure Bar: 180 – 350
Working Width: 700 mm
Weight: 640 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 500 mm
Height without bracket: 960 mm
Teeth quantity: 28 + 28

RC 90

Excavator Weight: 14 – 22 Tonne
Power: 90 – 140 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 130 -190 LPM
Pressure Bar: 220 – 350
Working Width: 800 mm
Weight: 1140 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 595 mm
Height without bracket: 1250 mm
Teeth quantity: 24 + 24

RC 120

Excavator Weight: 20 – 34 Tonne
Power: 140 – 200 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 170 -250 LPM
Pressure Bar: 240 – 350
Working Width: 850 mm
Weight: 1465 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 660 mm
Height without bracket: 1310 mm
Teeth quantity: 24 + 24

RC 220

Excavator Weight: 28 – 45 Tonne
Power: 200 – 380 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 240 -340 LPM
Pressure Bar: 240 – 380
Working Width: 950 mm
Weight: 2410 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 750 mm
Height without bracket: 1575 mm
Teeth quantity: 24 + 24

RC 320

Excavator Weight: 45 – 70 Tonne
Power: 380 – 480 HP
Recommended Oil Flow: 350 -500 LPM
Pressure Bar: 240 – 380
Working Width: 1250 mm
Weight: 3650 Kg
Rotor Drum Diameter: 750 mm
Height without bracket: 1770 mm
Teeth quantity: 28 + 28


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