Get to crushing and shredding vegetation more efficiently with our range of mulchers available in sizes and fixed and swinging head options.

  • flow control system valve
  • safety and anticavitation valve
  • motor enclosed in the frame
  • belt transmission
  • bulkhead for hydraulic connections
  • front hood with mechanical adjustment

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No matter the enormity of your task, whether it’s for fire prevention, bushfire cleanup, land clearing or general vegetation management, we have a mulcher fit for purpose.

We’ve teamed up with the experts, FAE, to give various options to choose from, according to vehicle power, type of soil and desired result. With interchangeable heads, we can guarantee a high quality of work even in the toughest environmental and soil conditions.

About FAE

FAE is globally recognised in the design, and manufacturing of leading-edge vegetation control, rock crushing and soil stabilization attachments. Thanks to high qualitative standards, FAE products provide excellent performances even in the most difficult and severe conditions. What’s more, achieve low maintenance costs, due to the use of special materials and in particular to the use of specific designed and patented cutting tools.

For crushing, cutting, or general clean-up, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our wide selection of attachments for your excavator or skid steer.




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Excavator Weight: 2.5 – 3.5 tonne
Flow Rate: 16 – 20 LPM
Pressure Bar: 150 – 210
Working Width: 90 mm
Weight: 210 kg
Max shredding diamter: 40 mm
No teeth hammer/ flails (PML/Y): 14/14

PMM/HY 125

Excavator Weight: 4.5 – 5.5 tonne
Flow Rate: 25 – 40 LPM
Pressure Bar: 150 – 210
Working Width: 1495 mm
Weight: 330 kg
Max shredding diameter: 50 mm
No teeth hammer/ flails (PML/Y): 24/24


Excavator Weight: 5.5 – 7.5 tonne (PML/EX 100), 6.0 – 7.5 tonne (PML/EX 125)
Flow Rate: 25 – 40 LPM
Pressure Bar: 150 – 210
Working Width: 1015 mm (PML/EX 100), 1255 mm (PML/EX 100)
Weight: 320 kg (PML/EX 100), 400 kg (PML/EX 100)
Max shredding diamter: 60 mm
No teeth hammer/ flails (PML/Y): 16/16 (PML/EX 100), 20/20 (PML/EX 100)

BL1/EX 75

Excavator Weight: 4 – 7.5 tonne
Flow Rate: 50 – 130 LPM
Pressure Bar: 180 – 350
Working Width: 800 mm
Weight: 355 kg
Max shredding diameter: 120 mm
No teeth: 14


Excavator Weight: 8 – 14 tonne
Flow Rate: 100 – 140 LPM
Pressure Bar: 180 – 350
Working Width: 1000 mm (BL2/EX 100), 1240 mm (BL2/EX 125)
Weight: 320 kg (BL2/EX 100), 400 kg (BL2/EX 125)
Max shredding diamter: 150 mm
No teeth: 18 (BL2/EX 100), 22 (BL2/EX 125)

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