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Excavtor on site using an ALLU bucket attachment to dig dirt

ALLU Authorised Dealer

RAM Equipment is the ALLU Authorised Dealer in South Australia


With our goal to deliver the latest technology and most innovative equipment solutions, we’re pleased to announce yet another exclusive partnership with our suppliers. RAM Equipment is the new ALLU authorised dealer in South Australia.

ALLU Transformer buckets revolutionise everything from product recycling to on-site material processing. By reducing the number of process/steps needed, these versatile hydraulic attachments enable you to achieve maximum efficiency on job sites, across all kinds of applications.

The most versatile bucket on the market!! 

The Allu Transformer is designed to screen, crush, pulverise, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage, removing the need for multiple machines.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Think of the steps which cost you money:

  • Having to remove spoil from site (for instance bricks) and possibly transport replacement product back to site (like fill). Not only can it reduce your transport cost, but also your waiting time for replacement materials.
  • How many truck loads can you save if the product could be more compact reducing the air space in each load?
  • Reduce steps that don’t add value, like moving the product around – process it in the same step if you can.
  • Can you re-use materials that are now a waste product?
  • Alternative products in the market struggle if the product has a certain amount of moisture – what if you can sieve wet soil/material? Would it expedite your project time frame?

ALLU bucket will save money and increase your project’s productivity with its numerous applications.
Typical applications include soil and waste material recycling, processing contaminated soil, and transforming waste to usable material. This is ideal not only in the earthmoving sector but also landscaping, agriculture, industrial, mining and many more.

ALLU Transformer buckets will truly transform the way you work – forever. 
The ALLU bucket transforms waste material to reusable product on site, turns your trash to cash and suits Excavators from 4T to 45T and Loaders from 2T to 30T.

Call us today to discuss your project requirements and challenges. Our team will advise you on the most suitable equipment and attachments for the job.

RAM Equipment – When It Matters!


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