RAMRADE Attachments

RAMRADE Attachments

RAMRADE Attachments have a common goal to help our clients deliver their projects on time and under budget.

RAMRADE Attachments are about forging strong market presence across Australia with equipment hire, construction, earthmoving, and recycling industries. Backed by factory warranty for peace of mind, RAMRADE Attachments have been designed to meet rigorous world safety standards and empowering breakthrough.

Introduced to Australia in 2014, RAMRADE Attachments have established a strong market presence with equipment hire companies, civil and construction contractors, demolition, earth moving and recycling companies. They are compatible with most popular excavator brands such as KobelcoHitachiKubota and more.

To browse all of the attachments, visit the new RAMRADE Attachments website.

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Compaction Wheel offers optimal compaction performance due to its heavy-duty design with BIS400 steel. Using fully sealed, self-aligning bearings ensures the longest possible life for this attachment.

Offering a size range suited for 8 – 35 tonne excavators. Perfect to return soil to its original position after trenching has been carried out.

  • Heavy duty durable design
  • Fully sealed self-aligning bearings to ensure longer product life
  • Bearing protection
  • Size range from 8 – 35 tonne excavators

The RAMRADE Attachments’ GP Bucket is the ultimate bucket for your digging projects. Designed to improve machine efficiency and are stocked in a variety of sizes and widths. This bucket has features to:

  • BIS400 Construction – increase the rigidity, durability and longevity of the bucket.
  • Double Radius Wrap – allowing the bucket to cut through the ground more efficiently, eliminating the back of the bucket striking the ground.
  • Tapered Sides – The double side tapers greatly helps while digging at a tilted angle reducing ground contact.
  • Wear Strips – reduce the wear to the base of the bucket and help strengthen it against damage and caving in.

For an added efficiency boost, use a tilt hitch to minimise attachment changes and reduce machine movement getting into optimum digging positions.

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Mud Bucket has a wear-resistant design, strong enough to tackle large scale jobs. The mud bucket makes life easier for the operator, contributing to increased efficiency and less downtime.

Using its tapered sides to reduce ground contact, the cutting edge makes the bucket easily suited for filling, grading, and excavating. 

  • BIS400 construction which increases the rigidity, durability and longevity of the bucket
  • Double radius wrap which allows the bucket to cut through the ground more efficiently
  • Wear strips reduce wear to the base
  • Tapered sides which helps digging at a tilted angle
  • Bolt-on cutting edge which extends the life of the bucket

When you’re operating any excavator, you need a bucket that will deliver. The field-proven design of the RAMRADE Attachments’ tilt mud bucket means increased power, control and efficiency.

With unbelievable strength, capacity and shaping results from years in operation, this tilt mud bucket is an absolute must for any detailed earthwork project.

  • Opposed cylinder design gives this bucket unique design and power
  • Tapered sides which helps while digging at a tilted angle
  • Wear strips which reduce wear to the base
  • Bolt-on cutting edge which extends the life of the bucket
  • BIS400 strips to increases rigidity, durability and longevity of the bucket
  • Double radius wrap allows the bucket to cut through the ground more efficiently

The RAMRADE Attachments’ 5 Finger Grapple features 360° head rotation and a wide jaw opening, which makes it one of the most versatile attachments available. Designed for land clearing, waste material handling and recycling industries.

This grapple offers precision movement with ease; manufactured with specially designed swing bearings for durability, BIS400 construction, and high quality hydraulic components.

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Robust, high-strength motor and bearings
  • Oil flow control valve
  • Rotating motor protection
  • Specially designed swing bearing
  • Enclosed check valve

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Stump Splitter is built for processing/downsizing stumps and logs for your fireplace. The heavy-duty construction features one large hydraulic cylinder offering optimum splitting capacity.

Designed to handle any style stump including Mallee with a jaw of 445mm wide, you’ll be able to get your work done quickly with ease!

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Hydraulic ram protection
  • Fast cycle time
  • Heavy-duty replaceable shear blade

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Multi-Grab Buckets have been steadily improved over the years to be an industry leading excavator grab bucket on the market.

The advanced design and heavy duty thumb, the multi-grab bucket allows for grabbing and moving objects in the full crowding range of the excavator. With a hydraulic thumb, you can take care of items with less movement on your part.

  • Removeable protection plates around the RAM
  • Fitted with an extra large hydraulic cylinder, ensuring maximum force output and grab strength
  • Specifically designed swing bearings for durability
  • Solid cast teeth with hard wear facing reduce any chance of breakage
  • Excellent crushing and holding pressure

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Rock Breakers are built to withstand the toughest jobs and extreme conditions. These rock breakers incorporate excellent hydraulic systems, with high frequency and impact energy.

The RAMRADE Breakers are designed for longer service life and reduced maintenance costs to empower breakthrough. The RAMRADE Rock Breaker has proven itself in countless projects around Australia.

  • Size range suit up to 60 tonne excavators
  • Designed for extreme conditions
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Optional auto-greaser available
  • Fully shock absorbed

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Vibe Plate enables maximum productivity while compacting material in deep trenches and embankments. Easy and versatile mounting ensures minimal downtime for your excavator.

Easy to maintain design and offers excellent compaction force and longevity. Operators can work safely from the comfort of their excavator.

  • Size range suits up to 35 tonne excavators
  • Large compaction force
  • Fully shock absorbed
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Easily powered by your existing hydraulic hammer piping

When it comes to sorting construction material on the job site; the RAMRADE Attachments’ Skeleton Bucket will help reduce dumping costs. The highly durable and heavy duty bucket is built with the same profile as our GP Buckets which makes them ideal for sorting construction material.

The skeleton ribs are interlocked for superior strength and performance with aperture ranging between 60 – 78mm. Sometimes these buckets are named Sieve, Screening, Shaking, Sifting buckets.

  • High strength steel with fully welded interlocked ribs
  • BIS400 strips which reduce wear to the base of the bucket
  • Side wear plates which help strengthen and extend the life of the bucket
  • Aperture spacing between 60-78 mm depending on size
  • Double radius one allows it to sort quicker

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Ripper Tyne is used for ripping hard ground where a normal GP Bucket fails to penetrate. 

Through strong steel construction, extra smart design features, and high-quality manufacturing methods; this ripper will keep you one step ahead of any terrain that stands in the way.

  • Highly durable and heavy duty
  • Shank curve to ensure greater breakout force
  • Great ripping capabilities
  • Size range

The RAMRADE Attachments’ Cutter Crusher is designed for demolition applications, specifically for those industrial structures that have been constructed with steel beams and concrete.

With 360° hydraulic rotation for access to tight spaces and a large 530mm jaw opening, the RAMRADE cutter crusher can handle the toughest jobs with ease.

Optimum crusher geometry with its one cylinder design and a robust structure which ensures less downtime. Maximum productivity is achieved with the convex shaped teeth at the end of the jaws.

  • Rotating Head
  • Optimised Tooth Design
  • Ability to crush concrete and cut larger steel work
  • Large jaw opening
  • Convex shaped breaker
  • Long, turnable cutting blades
  • Ability to reach narrow and hard to get areas

RAMRADE Ripper Tyne

RAMRADE Multi-Grab Bucket

RAMRADE Rock Breakers

RAMRADE Vibe Plate

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